Pet Anti Tangle Spray By Lila Loves It - High Quality Natural Ingredients
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Pet Anti Tangle Spray

Pet Anti Tangle Spray By Lila Loves It


LILA LOVES IT pet anti tangle spray has a shiny, smooth formula.  This formula leaves your pet with a coat much easier to comb no matter what type of fur they have. Thick undercoats and even wiry furs all become noticeably easier to care for. Containing precious oils such as macadamia, coconut and jojoba daily use will improve the condition of coats and skin. Using this pet anti tangle spray will make grooming time much easier, more pleasant and quicker too!

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Pet Anti Tangle Spray

Pet Anti Tangle Spray

Pet Anti Tangle Spray

All About Lila Loves It

LILA LOVES IT are convinced of the combined power of natural science and medicinal knowledge in relation to natural products. Because of this, both the tolerability and effectiveness of our products are top notch. Lila Loves It based in Germany since 2013, consider researching, developing and producing high quality animal care products a top priority . These products are therefore suitable for all breeds of dog.

They hold the ingredients used to the same strict standards used in the cosmetic industry for products for people. Finally, it’s important for you to know exactly the ingredients used on your pet. You can find details on all the ingredients in the package insert of the product. Each product complies with the same requirements imposed on medical skin care products. These requirements being with regard to its quality, ease of use and tolerability.

Of course we also refrain from using parabens, artificial fragrances and irritating ingredients. It goes without saying that we also refrain from animal testing.

The products contain only the most carefully sourced and therefore the highest quality ingredients.

The Natural Product Standard

Lila Loves It have successfully completed the certification for the NPS Label. This label is the Natural Product Standard. Based on the strict standards of BDIH for controlled natural cosmetics for humans, the NPS Label covers animal care products.

The label is an instrument for promoting correct consumer information and fair competition

Made exclusively from natural ingredients therefore comes guaranteed. A high proportion of these come from controlled organic cultivations. They are proud that their quality and ongoing commitment to nature is now signed and sealed!