Natural Puppy Food By Bob & Lush - High Quality Fresh Duck
Natural Puppy Food

Natural Puppy Food By Bob & Lush – Fresh Duck Kibble


Here at Pepeloves HQ we strive to find only the most natural, high quality food and treats available.  Bob & Lush fit that prerequisite perfectly.  We only offer products that our chief tester (aka Pepe!) has approved.  Having struggled with allergies and a fussy temperament Bob & Lush food now provides everything we have been looking for, quality natural ingredients and very tasty.



Please read the information below about the Bob & Lush approach to producing their range of dog food.

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Natural Puppy Food


Natural Puppy Food

Formulated especially to aid the growth of a healthy puppy or junior dog this natural puppy food provides the perfect level of protein.  Quality protein supports the body to develop strong organs, enzymes, body tissue, antibodies and hormones.

Bob & Lush Fresh Duck Premium Kibble contains 100% fresh duck meat, perfectly balanced protein content combined with quality fresh vegetables. Quality meat is an important factor is maintaining a healthy diet for your pet, as such this kibble contains no cheap fillers or cereals.

The 35% quality vegetables, potatoes and peas are excellent sources of carbohydrates. These varieties are highly digestible, valuable sources of energy.   In order to maintain healthy skin and coats dogs require a good amounts of fats and oils within their diet.

To assist your puppy or junior dog grow shiny healthy coat and healthy non irritated skin ingredients rich in fatty acids with omega 6 (2%) and 3 (1%) are essential. Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids all assist with the development of their brains and vision too.

Unlike many ordinary dog food brands that use non-specified fat sources such as animal fat, poultry fat, vegetable oil or generic fish oil, this Bob & Lush duck kibble contains quality duck fat (2%).   It’s packed full of 100% goodness including vitamins, minerals, yeast, linseed, yucca extract, prebiotics and amino acids too.

Single Source protein, in this instance duck, ensures this kibble is hypoallergenic.  Therefore, the tendency to provoke allergies is much reduced by feeding your dog Bob & Lush food. Many dogs can be allergic to more commonly available proteins such as chicken and beef leading Bob & Lush to use fresh duck. You will find no ‘hidden meat’ in this food.  No ‘meat by-products, no ‘animal derivatives’ and no ‘poultry meal’.

This dry food has been crafted to go perfectly with Bob & Lush’s 70% Lamb wet food. By mixing the two together your dog will enjoy the best of both worlds. Our dry kibble is good for the teeth and is a complete food with everything your dog needs. Our wet food is a complete super tasty food that will make a meal worth tail-wagging about.

To accompany your top quality food why not add some of our Wellness Biscuits into your dogs routine too!

THE INGREDIENTS – simple & quality

  • 55% Fresh Duck
  • 3% Duck Fat
  • 2% Duck Digest
  • 35% Vegetables


Finding healthy food for dogs can be a daunting task. Sadly, so much dog food today is full of fillers and cheap ingredients of dubious nutritional value. Some of it might even cause harm, such as allergies.

Bob & Lush are different and proud of it. To ensure all dogs eat healthily, they ensure no rubbish finds it way into their food. Bob & Lush foods contain no cereals or cheap fillers. They use absolutely no grains, corn, wheat, rice, soy or other cheap fillers. Plus there are no sweeteners or artificial preservatives.

Their food is properly hypoallergenic.  To dramatically reduce the risk of allergies they use only a single type of meat, creating a true exclusion diet.  So, when the labelling says “Duck” it really means duck. Dairy and eggs, known as common allergens are avoided.  “Crafting healthy food for dogs is about more than just adding nutrients”

Bob & Lush use only the best ingredients available to them. Meaning lots of fresh meat and good quality vegetables. They put lots of fresh meat in their products. The duck kibble is over half (60%) duck and the lamb a massive 70% lamb. That’s the way Bob and Lush plus their ever growing army of fans and their dogs like it.

We get all queasy reading dog food labels saying “vegetable derivatives” . Bob & Lush use only proper, quality vegetables for their recipes. Potatoes, peas and carrots being their choice.  Easy to digest and with a high nutritional value these are a good choice. As a customer we know what proper vegetables are, unlike “vegetable derivatives, really, what are these anyway?

Do You Have A Fussy Eater?

We do here at Pepeloves HQ!! Well, we shouldn’t blame them. If you read the label you wouldn’t want to eat most dog food either.

When Lush (of Bob & Lush!) first got a taste of their namesake food she got so excited she started looking for extra food under her bowl each meal. And Bob (the other member of the duo!) a bit of a fusspot, lapped it up too. Along with the top quality fresh meat and juicy vegetables there are a few tricks that make this natural dog food ultra tasty as well as being super healthy.

Dogs love liver, so the first trick to the Yum Factor is to coat the kibble in duck liver.

For a scrumptious dinner the second trick is to make the kibble easy to mix with the wet food. Mixing wet and dry can convince even the fussiest of fusspots.

Healthy natural puppy food is possible. You do not have to settle for second best, Bob & Lush is here to offer the the best possible food for your beloved friend.

Bob & Lush Dry Food Sizes

15kg, 2kg, 4kg, 7.5kg