Pet Travel

Pet Travel

Are you thinking about taking a holiday, visiting the family or just taking a break and planning some great days out? We have the tickets, the sunscreen, the tent, the car is packed with picnics, luggage, kids and the general paraphanalia of taking a trip. Its time to consider Pet Travel. However, did you pack the dog? Of course you did, but did you pack all the necessary paraphernalia Fido is going to need, especially if your trip involves more than just a day out. These are some great tips and gadgets to keep you organised and make it a happy adventure for all.

Does Fido Need A Whole Suitcase?

If your pet is anything like mine then yes, they need a whole bag to themselves. This pet travel bag by Travel Wags is the best pet specific kit bag I have seen.  It comes with two folding bowls, water bottle plus a special pack for food.  The shoulder strap even doubles as a spare lead.

Pet Travel Bag

What will you need to pack into the suitcase for the dog? Pet Travel requires a bit of forethought to ensure a smooth adventure. Here is our list of ‘don’t leave home without’ essentials including a few that are new to me.

  • Passport/vaccination papers (make sure you have a copy at home)
  • Food for the whole trip plus a few extra days incase of delays
  • Medication & supplements for the whole trip plus a few extra days supplies in case of delays. Keep in a clearly labelled ziplock bag
  • A container of your pets usual water so you can ease them into the destination water gently without the risk of upset tums.
  • One of these Pet Travel Water Bottles are another great idea that make days out run smooth!
Pet Water Bottle (Large)


  • Favourite blanket & toy
  • Clean up bags – I am big fan of eco friendly clean up bags.
  • Collar & Lead plus a spare. Naturally I pack ones that match my outfits. You can stop laughing now!
  • Baking Soda – in case of accidents – this cleans up wet stains, just place it on the stain leave to absorb then remove. You can also use it as a paste to ease the pain of stings
Baking Soda - in case of accidents - this cleans up wet stains, Click To Tweet
  • First aid kit – the easiest thing is to buy a ready made up one
  • Ultra absorbant towel for quick drying after you got caught in the rain, after that dip in the lake or splash in the strea
  • Shampoo, brush & comb – decant your usual shampoo into a travel size bottle if you are taking a short trip
  • Chicken broth – if your dog gets sick for any reason adding some chicken broth to their water will help maintain their nutrition levels. I shall be adding this to Pepe’s kit for our next trip.
  • A rubber glove or a shower squeegy – either of these are great for removing pet hair from carpets in hotel rooms, friends houses (you want to be invited again right?) and car seats. If your dog is afraid of an approaching or during a thunderstorm, stroke them with a rubber glove to take away the static that can build up on their coats – it works! (Do not use a tumble dryer sheet to do this, they contain too many chemicals which fido could lick and ingest)
  • Is it going to be cold? – pack a sweater/coat or two (more on hot & cold weather tips for Fido coming in a few weeks)
  • Is it going to be hot? – pack a cooling spray such as Magicool which is great for everyone including pets
Puppies In The Shade 1

Time For A Short Safety Briefing

So, the bags are packed, the car is loaded but is your pet safe in the car. I cannot stress how massively important that your pet properly restrained whilst travelling. It that is by road, whether thats in a car, camper van or bus. Pet travel safety is so very important. An unrestrained 10lb/4.5kg dog in a crash at 30mph/48kmp will exert a force of 300lbs/136kgs i.e. potentially straight through the windscreen.

I cannot stress how massively important that your pet properly restrained whilst travelling. Click To Tweet

No matter how big or small your dog is there is always a way to keep them secure. The RAC in the UK & both offer a wide range of harness, crates and barriers. Many dogs love to have their head out of the window, hair flying in the wind but it’s such a bad idea. The risk of injury, eye infections and distractions to you and other road users make this a big no-no.

Pet Travel
This is an interesting piece by the BBC on Pet Friendly Hotels

So, now that you and Fido are all organised and packed, you are ready.  Off you all go and have a marvellous time!