Dog Walking Bag

The Travel Wags Dog Walking Bag

When you go out on your dogs walks, fun day trips and picnics are your pockets over flowing with bits and pieces? There’s the clean up bags, treats, water, dish, wet wipes and toys! Not to mention all the bits you need too! Your phone, tissues, your water and, if you are anything like me, lipstick and hair brush.  The Travel Wags Dog Walking Bag is your answer! The perfect companion to your designer dog lead.

Dog Walking Bag

We have been using our Travel Wags Dog Walking Bag for a few months and we can honestly say that it works wonderfully for us. We go out early almost every morning walking to the coffee shop and this is now our go to bag of choice.  It’s a cross body style, therefore keeping your hands free for the important tasks of holding leads and throwing balls.  You will be hands free for clean ups and handing out the treats too!

Dog Walking Bag

One of the best features of this really useful Travel Wags bag is the built in clean up bag holder.  If you prefer not to have your clean up bags tied to your lead or stuffed into your pockets this is the ideal solution.  A small pocket is inside at the top of the bag with a hole to thread the end of the roll through giving instant and easy access! Genius!!

One of the best features of this really useful Travel Wags bag is the built in clean up bag holder. Click To Tweet

Dog Walking Bag

The inside is lined in fabric that is easily wiped down. This is essential should you, like us, find your bag of natural treats empties itself out covering your bag in crumbs.  There are separate pockets inside, including a zip pocket, keeping yours and your pets bits and pieces better organised.  I like to keep some of my business cards in the inside zip pocket. You never know who you will meet while you are out and about especially with a dog in tow!  I can honestly say I have never met so many people in my life since I got Pepe. Dogs are such great ice breakers and conversation starters!

There’s a special phone pocket inside too although I like to use the outside zip pocket for my phone.  I keep our spare biodegradable clean up rolls in our phone pocket!

The water bottle is a great ergonomically designed shape. Because it’s slim it fits perfectly into the bag without making it overly bulky! The dish folds flat, again, fitting perfectly into the bag. The bowl is a large size to suit dogs of all sizes. If you would prefer a smaller one we have some on the website here.  Plus if you would like an extra water bottle (maybe for Prosecco!)  you can get these separately too.

Dog Walking Bag

I also carry with me my Emergency Contact card.  Now, my pet is not ‘home alone’ while we are out walking but my emergency contact details are on it so I carry it! It’s not always that your purse or wallet is with you on a walk so this little card comes in very handy in an emergency.  These are a free gift from us with your first order!

The fabric and style of this dog walking bag means that it will work for everyone! The hubby is happy to carry this too when he is left in charge of Pepe.  As the strap is fully adjustable he can wear it at a comfortable length for him too. A beautiful classic grey fabric with a pop of orange ensures that despite being hugely practical this bag does not compromise on style. It’s uses are not confined to dog walking though.  This bag makes an excellent bag for anyone in need of a cross body bag for any outdoors activity. As a self confessed ‘Bag Lady’ this one fits perfectly into my collection!

Julie & Pepe saying Ciao for now! We’ll be back soon!

PS. As an added bonus this fabulous bag also ships free!

PPS. If you are heading off for the weekend or holiday why not add the Travel Wags Travel Bag to your collection too.