rescue stories

Rescue Stories

Camille & Prince Andrew

We are so pleased to share this, the first in our series of  lovely rescue stories, Prince Andrew and his Rescuer Camille.  Andrew came into Camilles life 3 years ago and Pepeloves interviewed Camille on how Prince Andrew has changed her life.  Firstly though, lets hear from Camille the story of how this lucky pup and Camille found each other.

rescue stories
Andrew & Camille, Day 1 & 1 Year Later

Andrew’s Story

by Camille

“November 16, 2013. My mom’s friend posted a picture of a sad little puppy she found running through busy traffic, near Boston’s Andrew Station. Mom called me asking if I wanted the pup, I said of course! Without even seeing it…I waited till I got home because I was working when she called. By the time I got home and was able to reach out, Margaret (my moms friend) said she had brought the pup to Boston Animal Rescue League. I felt crushed…but determined to save that little ragamuffin.

The following day I called B.A.R.L. I spoke to the most wonderful man named Cedric. Cedric told me he had the blonde pup but I had to wait 7 days as per their protocol for found puppies. You know, in case his real owners came looking for him.

I called 6 days in a row asking “Hello it is I, Camille, calling again about the little blonde poodle mix. Is he there still?” It got to the point Cedric knew it was me calling and would answer the phone ‘Hey Camille, whats up? Yeah blondie is still here dont you worry!’ It helped that I did call at the same time every day so I’m pretty sure that how he knew it was me. On the 7th day though Ced called me and said “Hey! You can pick him up!” The best phone call I’ve ever received! I leaped out of bed threw a jacket on hollered at my mom to get up immediately so I could go pick him up.

When we got to the shelter the name on his crate was ‘Tomi’. He was sitting in the left corner of the crate. He was calm yet I knew he was scared. I picked him up and instantly fell in love with him. He really wanted nothing to do with me and I didn’t care.

I originally wanted to name him Billy Fylnn because Chicago is my favorite musical…but he was not responding well to that. Mom suggested we name him Andrew because that’s where he was found after all. When we asked him if he liked that name, his head shot up! So it only made sense.

Fast forward 3 happy years later…  A happy spoiled little puppy, Prince went from sleeping on the streets of Boston to sleeping on a down comforter. He sleeps surrounded by dozens of toys and milk bones he thinks he hides from the human eye!”

What a heartwarming start to our rescue stories series.

My mom's friend posted a picture of a sad little puppy she found running through busy traffic, near Boston's Andrew Station. Mom called me asking if I wanted the pup, I said of course! Click To Tweet
rescue stories
Prince Andrew on Day 1 of Adoption


Had you been wanting to get a dog for a while or was this a spur of the moment decision and is he your first dog? Do you know approximately how old Andrew is?

Andrew is not my first dog, when I was a child I had a family dog. He was a Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier named Tristan. Basically the best dog ever since Andrew! As for wanting a dog, the answer is yes. I had been talking about it for months but I was only talk…till one day my moms friend Margaret Mcdougall posted on Facebook how she had found a puppy running through Boston Traffic and if anyone would like to take him before she brought him to Animal Rescue League.

As I mentioned in Andrews story, he ended up going to ARL and I had to wait a week to get him! Andrew is now 3 years old. According to his vet he was 5 months when we got him.

How much has Andrew changed your daily life and in what way?

Well for starters I can’t wake up without him! He has replaced my alarm clock. Ha ha. As soon as the sun rises he places his paw on my cheek till I make a move!

What do you feed Andrew, dry or wet food?

He is a Blue Buffalo dry food kind of pooch.

Tell us about any special little quirks he has?

Andrew loves to dance and he talks…a lot. When he wants your attention he will sit next to you, make this weird grunt sound, place his paw on your hand or in my case my phone so I stop staring at it and hold a conversation with him. He is a smart little dog. He gets me to stop paying attention to the internet and to focus on my surroundings

rescue stories
Andrew & His Excellent Toy Collection


Does Andrew have any party tricks?

Like I said above Andrew can dance! If you put on some Lionel Richie specifically All Night Long he will dance in circles around you! He also is a big fan of disco.. ABBA is played a lot in our house!

Tell us about your neighbourhood and how you and Andrew fit into your local community?
Andrew and I live in a beach community 15 minutes south of Boston. When the weather is nice he enjoys to go on long walks along the water. He is also very much a city dog, very kind and friendly and has a couple dog friends. His good friends are a standard size poodle named Ozzie and two Shetland Sheepdog brothers, Rosko and Rocky.

rescue stories
Andrews friend Ozzie


He also visits his groomer Donata Tomasello at Snippers Hair Club for Dogs and Cats. She always have a fun crew of pups for him to play with when he visits her. Back story, Donata is one of the special people who groomed Andrew when first found. Shout out to Donata!!

rescue stories
Andrew & Donata, his favourite groomer


Finally, tell us a little about yourself Camille

Myself! Well I am a makeup artist turned writer! I’ve been working in the beauty industry for 6 years. I started off doing hair then found I had a passion to do makeup. I have worked in film and television. I’ve done a lot of fashion runway events as well!

My latest passion is writing. I’ve always been keen to it. I get myself in some pretty hilarious situations and wanted to share them with friends, so I would post a funny Facebook status here and there. Over the years people have told me I needed to write a book…start a podcast…etcetera…I finally decided I take charge and start my own blog.

I focus on mainly relationships, dating, and lifestyle. The how to’s on dating, along with some of the funny stories of people I’ve met on my life’s journey. I also have four of my close girl friends who are also (excellent) writers will be contributing their experiences and sharing advice. Once the site is up and running we are planning to do vlogs and a podcast…but one step at a time!! I’m launching the site at my 25th birthday party next month, March 18th. I think this project is a great way for me to enter the quarter century and will keep me busy for awhile!  So make sure you check us out at

Thank you Camille for sharing your wonderful story with us.

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