Dangerous Foods

Dangerous Foods For Dogs

I thought I would give you a little insight into the world of pooch nutrition today and what are dangerous foods for dogs. As most of you know, I am the besotted mummy to Pepe. Pepe, who possesses the biggest black eyes that melt all hearts. These big black eyes have the power to force any human to share anything and everything they are eating with him.

My cries of “Stop feeding Pepe” fall on deaf ears everywhere we go. Bless you my family and friends, he loves you and your crisps (Oh, and I rather like you all too!) Only it appears that there are dangerous foods for our dogs right there in our very own kitchens.

Dangerous Foods
Here are one of those big powerful eyes


Along with the obvious one, chocolate, I recently discovered that many other foods are not only bad news for our pooches, but outright dangerous and poisonous. So, to help all us confused people (Can he eat this, can he eat that??) here is handy chart covering the main Whats, Whys and Consequences of feeding our hoooman food to our fur babes.

Dangerous food for dogs

The infographic shows you the main problem human foods. There are others to consider too such as; the fat off meat, raw or uncooked can cause pancreatitis, tomatoes can cause anaemia. There is a substance in Avocado called Persin which known to be toxic to some dogs. Corn on the cob is bad news too, dogs cannot digest it and so it can cause blockages in their digestive system.

Dangerous Foods

It’s Not All Bad News

It’s not all bad news though, there are some things that our dogs can eat that are safe for us all. If you want to give them human food try a few carrot sticks, cucumber, green beans or even some cooked baked potato (not raw). Perhaps some cooked white rice or pasta (especially useful if they have an upset stomach). You could try some bananas, orange, apple or watermelon – just remember the No Seeds No Pips rule.

A good quality, well balanced prepared dog food is definitely the safest option. Your vet will be able to recommend the best natural dog treats for your dogs size and breed. Pepe eats Bob & Lush food, his favourite being duck! Packed with high quality ingredients and a perfect balance between protein and vegetables.

Natural Dog Food


The choice on the market now is phenomenal and there are some great products using organic natural ingredients. These CC Bear Wellness Treats are one of our favourites!

Natural Dog Treats


The conclusion to this Really Useful information is to please take care that you, your family, friends and petsitters are aware of the foods not to feed your treasured dog. Especially when those big black eyes start to do their thing!

What’s the favourite human food treat of your dog? Pepe loves everything except lettuce, just like The Hubby who hates lettuce too.

(And ten points go to whoever can spot the not so deliberate mistake!!)