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Hot Dogs! Heatstroke & Dogs. What You Should Know!

Heatstroke. Can You Prevent, Spot And Treat It? It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the temperatures are raising rapidly. Here in The Canary Islands the temperatures are heading into the low 30’s now and Pepe is hiding from the sun. ¬†Under the dining table or inside on the cool tiles are his favourite places […]

Coconut Oil For Dogs

Coconuts & Canines! Coconut Oil For Dogs!

Coconut Oil For Dogs My littlest boy Pepe, recently had his annual health check up that comes along when it’s vaccination time. This year, his teeth, shall we say, failed! Pepe does not like to chew, we have tried many things with little success. Chewing, on the right kind of things is a big part […]

Dangerous Foods

Don’t Feed The Dog!

Dangerous Foods For Dogs I thought I would give you a little insight into the world of pooch nutrition today and what are dangerous foods for dogs. As most of you know, I am the besotted mummy to Pepe. Pepe, who possesses the biggest black eyes that melt all hearts. These big black eyes have […]

Pet Travel

Pet Travel – Did We Pack The Dog??

Pet Travel Are you thinking about taking a holiday, visiting the family or just taking a break and planning some great days out? We have the tickets, the sunscreen, the tent, the car is packed with picnics, luggage, kids and the general paraphanalia of taking a trip. Its time to consider Pet Travel. However, did […]

Pet garden safety

Pet Garden Safety

Your Pet & Your Garden When you got your pet, did you stop to think where they were going to play? In the garden? Yes, naturally, this is the obvious place (if you have one that is!). But did you think about how safe your garden is for your new beloved fur baby to play […]